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Dancing Petals
"It is a pleasure to see Janie's creative vision so beautifully portrayed on these pages. Her love for all that is wild comes shining through. There is much of Janie in this book and much to be enjoyed."

- David Middleton, Professional Photographer and writer whose books include A Celebration of North America's Old Growth Wilderness, and The New Key to Ecuador and the Galapagos.

See Janie in action in the Photo Gallery.Janie Moore Greene, accomplished photographer, award winning writer and grandmother of eleven was born in Pineview, Georgia. She moved to Columbus, Georgia when she was nine and lived there until she married Roy Greene who was practicing law in Alabama. After their four children were married and moved away from home, Janie, in her fifties, attended her first inspirational writer's workshop.  She published  articles  in regional magazines as well as "Alabama Wildlife" and "Quail Unlimited" magazines.

In 1987,  she attended her first nature photography workshop in the Everglades with Pat Caulfield. Some of those first photographs were published in her book, Dancing Feathers in 1995. This book won the Coffee Table Book of the Year Award for Excellence from the National Association of Independent Publishers. It is now in it's second printing. Within two years, the NAIP was awarding Janie once again. Her second book, Dancing Petals received the 1997 Award for Cover Design.

 Janie's bird photography was featured in a five page article in the March 1998 issue of "Popular Photography Magazine". Her photographs have also been published in "Nature Conservancy Magazine", "Outdoor Photography Magazine" and were featured at a World Wildlife exhibit at an Everglades coalition meeting in Miami, Florida. More recently, some of her photographs have been used by World Wildlife and Nature Conservancy to promote world conservation.. Now, Janie's third book in this nature series, "Journey into Africa," was released in 2001. An active member of the National Association of Nature Photographers of America (NANPA), Janie continues to follow her passion as she writes and photographs nature throughout the world.


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