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Janie Moore Greene  
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Editorial Reviews:

"Her exquisite photographs and beautiful text teach us to ponder the real meaning of life and the paths we choose. A joyful read!" Nancy Callaway, Pine Mountain, Georgia, Former Board Member of American Horticulture Society.

"... exquisite images..." Helen Longest-Slaughter, Nature Photographer Magazine.

"...a treasured book to be passed, with love, from generation to generation." Velma Daniels, reviewer (The Bookworm for Winter Haven News, ).

"...outstanding...perfect full-page photos of flowers, wise essays of inspiration..." Erica Bridges of Cypress Gardens.

"... creative vision so beautifully portrayed...Her love for all that is wild comes shining through...much to be enjoyed," David Middleton, professional photographer and writer whose books include A Celebration of North America's Old Growth Wilderness, and The New Key to Ecuador and the Galapagos.

Book Description:
Beautiful nature photography of southern wildflowers accompanied by southern stories— inspirational essays born out of a lifetime of southern living. "Seldom does a book come along that has essays that compliment the photography, equal to the photography complementing the essays... The messages of the wildflowers, combined with the messages from the heart of Janie Moore Green, makes this a treasured book to be passed, with love, from generation to generation." (Velma Daniels, The Book Worm for Winter Haven News, ).

The Inside Flap:
Travel with nature photographer and award winning author, Janie Moore Greene, through the pages of Dancing Petals. Drive with her from the shores of Florida’s Panhandle, along the middle Georgia highways to the meadows and mountain peaks of the Appalachians.

Before you even realize you’ve left home, you will find yourself standing in fields of Black-eyed Susans or sitting in meadows among scattered Bluets. You will kneel with a camera before yellow daisies and ride horseback through the North Carolina rain forests in search of lilies.

Dancing Petals will help you discover that deep sense of stillness within when you look into the center of a wildflower. The sensitive essays will free your creativity and allow it to bubble up out of the depths of your soul. Treasured wildflower photographs will inspire you to unearth the remarkable and extraordinary jewels of your own life.

The Back Cover:
Dance through the petals on the music of nature's song. See the early morning dew on wildflower petals. Feel the flutter of butterfly wings. Breathe the fragrance of flower filled meadows. Let nature's silence touch the music of your soul.

Author's Comments:
I'm a Southerner and thoroughly grounded in the South. I wanted this wildflower book to be born from my own groundedness .... my roots. I've always loved telling stories and listening to the stories of others. Therefore, the reflections in Dancing Petals are short stories taken from my life and used as a vehicle through which I've woven a thread of an inspirational theme. I've included memories and narratives from my childhood, my marriage, and my family, and have interlaced some of life's simple but valuable lessons through these experiences. I also love to photograph nature, so I combined my love of storytelling and my love of nature photography to create Dancing Petals. The pictures in this book are from several wildflower photographic expeditions I made in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina. There are photographs of a Colombine, a Pink and a Yellow Lady's slipper, Easter Lilies, Carolina Lilies, Dwarf Crested Irises, Violets and many other kinds of wildflowers indigenous to the Southeastern United States.

Anne Guilfoyle, a former Audubon magazine editor, suggested the title of this book when I asked her advice about the photographs to include in my first book, Dancing Feathers. "Leave the wildflowers out , she said. "Use only the wading birds. Then do another book using your wildflowers and call it Dancing Petals." With those words, the seeds for Dancing Petals were planted inside of me.

Chapter Excerpt:

From the Introduction

Wildflowers are a delight to see, touch, and smell. Soft, velvety, serene, pure in form, colorful and full of truth, they speak to the heart and mind and lift it into a kind of exhilarating joy. They can be seen anywhere ... on a hillside, in the meadows, or along the roads. I often see them when my husband, Roy, and I are returning home from one of his fishing trips. Usually we catch a glimpse of them in the spring as we go whizzing by in our comfortable automobiles, hurrying from place to place, but by the time we finally decide to stop, a week or two later, they're almost gone.

We should all take the time to enjoy them along life's way. For as Thoreau said, "Heaven lies at your feet as well as over your head." I believe that Nature is truly humanity's gift from God. And oftentimes, in our hasty living we forget about earth's smaller treasures and their value to our souls. In our hours and days of rushing, we forget that the soul, at times, needs stillness. It should be grounded, and lay fallow as a field of wildflowers must lay fallow before they bloom.

So I invite you to come with me now, to take a little time, to dance with me through the petals. Discover that deep sense of stillness within you when you look into the center of a wildflower. As it speaks to you, let the creativity bubble up out of your soul, like clear springs that stir beneath the ground of your being. Bring your paint brushes, sketch pad, journal, camera or other vehicle of creativity. Use your imagination. Walk your own path through the pages of Dancing Petals. Unearth the remarkable and extraordinary jewels of your life .... your unique individuality .... the divine and holy seeds lying dormant within you, your truth.

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