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Coffee-table book: Dancing Feathers by Janie M. Greene

Editorial Reviews:

"Nature's glory captured with guts and grit ... a regal collection of photos ... some of nature's most hard-to-get-to wildlife." John Barry (Miami Herald, September 26, 1995)

"...a stunning photographic book on the pelicans, flamingos, cormorants, herons, eagles, and spoonbills of the Florida Everglades." (The Book Review, San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 19, 1995.)

"A true celebration of God in nature by a sensitive and aware woman." Ann Guilfoyle, Former Senior Editor of Audubon Magazine, Publisher/Editor of the Guilfoyle Report.

"Brilliant photographs coupled with wise words, Janie Greene's Dancing Feathers is a triumph and an inspiration." Patricia Caulfield, Author of Photographing Wildlife; and Capturing the Landscape with Your Camera.

"The book is more than lovely; and the message profound! What a treat!" Bobby M. James, Former First Lady of Alabama.

"Words are inadequate to express the joy I found reading and reviewing Dancing Feathers. It is, of course, a world class book. The photography is breathtaking-- so vividly candid-- one truly senses the "place", physical and spiritual, where you created these images... BRAVO" Rhea Chiles, Former First Lady of Florida.

Book Description:
Share the wonder and adventure of southern swamps, ponds, and rookeries through Janie’s captivating nature photography of wading birds and soul-soothing inspirational essays. "These birds are some of the most beautiful and graceful creatures on earth. Known to bird lovers as "waders", they include the Snowy Egret, the Blue Heron, the Roseate Spoonbill, and others too numerous to mention. Brilliant in plumage, graceful in flight, serene in repose, these birds congregate by the hundreds in rookeries (breeding grounds for different species of birds) where one is afforded an unparalleled opportunity to observe them in their natural habitat."

The Inside Flap:
After a night’s rest, I was back in the rookery in the pre-dawn hours wanting to photograph the birds in that first warm glow of early sunlight. Getting all the equipment in was a chore, but once I was set up, it was like drinking a cup of pure, blissful joy. Back home, I’d always loved photographing my roses in their different stages of bloom, but here in the rookery were flowers that flew, flowers that cried out in anger, flowers that sang... beautiful flowers with wings. As I set up my tripod, I looked back at the dark tree shadows spilling themselves flat over the field behind me, leaving in the wake millions of sparkling dew drops hanging like Christmas ornaments on the stems of the grassy carpet. I was thankful I’d found my way once again to the place that made my heart sing.

The Back Cover:
In Dancing Feathers, Janie Greene takes us on a journey of discovery through her reflective essays, and sensitive photographs. In pursuit of her need for solitude, we accompany her as she uncovers secrets to a more fulfilling life. Each step along the way brings us closer to a deeper appreciation of nature as we are transported by her words and photographs into the mystical realm of southern swamps, ponds and rookeries. Dancing Feathers takes us on an inspirational journey into the world of nature as it explores Nature’s truths, embraces a love and care for the earth, and exalts God and His creation.

Author's Comments:
I began making photographic trips at a time when I was filled with self doubt and too scattered to even know my name. Breaking the pattern of my life, I, who for the past thirty-seven years of marriage never ventured far from home unless I was on the arm of my husband, suddenly decided to go to a photography workshop in the Everglades. Photographing the birds beside Patricia Caulfield, a talented female nature photographer, changed my life. I discovered my bliss and became a passionate bird and nature photographer.

After that each time I left one photographic expedition tired and exhausted, I couldn't wait for the next one to begin. I was like a person driven, trying to catch up with the years of undeveloped skill, and learn more about nature photography. Oftentimes my husband joined me. He encouraged me, and repeatedly helped me get some of my best photographs, especially when I had to approach the rookery from a boat. Most of the time, the nesting areas were in swamp-like areas surrounded by water and patrolled by alligators.

Peering through the lens of my camera and focusing on the beauty of nature gave me unexpected rewards. I learned and relearned many lessons in life that emphasized values I'd long cherished, such as loyalty, beauty, simplicity, balance, patience, and growth according to life's rhythms.

In taking the time for solitude there in the primordial swamps, I did more than learn about nature. In the many beautiful scenes coming to me each day, I experienced nature and God's presence in it. It gave me a greater understanding of my individuality, brought the fragmented parts of myself together, and helped me realize the importance of the individuality of all persons. I was able to deal with my many problems by surrendering them to God and came away with a greater love of His creation and His marvelous gift of Himself to others and me through that creation.

Chapter Excerpt:

From Chapter 1: Nature's Pattern

The air is cool this May at my Alabama home. I’m glad because it gives me extra energy before the humid days of summer begin. The fragrance of gardenias from the vase beside my desk fills the room as I look outside the window on plate-sized white magnolia blossoms nestled in the green leaves of the century old trees.

Having lived in the south all of my life, I was feeling as rooted to it as the old trees when suddenly out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a mother swallow flopping down out of her porch cornice nest. I thought she’d fallen, but instead she swept quickly out of view to find more food for her nest full of babies. She reminded me of another spring morning when I was photographing quietly in a bird rookery in Southern Florida. With my camera in hand, I watched a Blue Heron spread its wings, then sail silently down to spear a fish. I remembered feeling there for one brief, wonderful moment, the scene and its message frozen in majesty for me. Suddenly the birds, trees, wildflowers, ... even me, were illuminated in a new light, and I realized what an important part we all were of that glorious visual banquet spread out around me that day. I was awed by the beauty of nature that morning and realized for the first time my kinship with all that God had made.

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