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Dancing Feathers Book: Nature Photography of Wading Birds  
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Journey Into Africa
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Award winning Nature Photographer/Author Janie Moore Greene invites you to travel the back roads, meadows and forests of the South with her to discover the wonders of nature in her Dance of Nature Series.

Dancing Feathers Book: Nature Photography of Wading Birds

Dancing Feathers
Discover a natural wonder that most people never see: exquisite wading birds in their natural habitat. Winner of the 1996 NAIP "Book Award for Coffee Table Book Excellence."

Dancing Petals Book: Nature Photography of Wildflowers

Dancing Petals
Southern Wildflower photographs and Southern stories, born out of a lifetime of Southern living create a joyful read! Winner of the 1997 NAIP "Book Award for Cover Design."

    NEW! The first book in Janie's        
  World-wide Nature Series is now available.   

Journey into Africa Book: Nature Photography of African Wildlife

Journey into Africa
Stunning nature photographs and thought-provoking entries from Janie Moore Greene's own travel journal. Encounter exotic wildlife, talk to the natives and get to know Africa in a most intimate way. Discover humor, excitement and spirituality as you follow this award winning author's Journey into Africa.  


    NEW! Fine Art Prints of Janie's        
   Nature Photography are now available. Click here!  



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